Hospice helped us with my grandma, she was very ill and there was no hope that she would live, she was welcomed with warm hands, nurses surrounded her on the  first day. She was treated special. The next day I found her clean and lively, she was even smiling. It was unfortunate that she passed on. I must say she was dignified  I wish the hospice to continue doing great work for the community.

Dikeledi, a family member of a patient

My cousin has been at Alex hospice since October 2023. She likes the hospice as they treat all the patients well and she says she eats nice food. She was in a wheelchair, now she can walk with the assistance of the nurses. I wish people to come and get help at the Hospice, I am so grateful.

Tiny, a family member of a patient

My brother has been staying at the hospice for 3 months. He is very happy with the set up at the hospice, the staff are very friendly and helpful, the facility is clean and well maintained and the patients are well taken care of daily. I wish for the hospice to grow and help others.

Clive, a family member of a patient

My son had to be flown from Easten Cape to Johannesburg for care at  Alex hospice. He was well treated, then was referred to CMJAH for brain tumor. Unfortunately he did not make it.

Thandeka, a family member of a patient

Enclosed is my last contribution toward’s Bheki’s wellfare, but not my last contribution to the hospice. Thank you again for your help during the time of need. God bless you all always.


Thanks for looking after Trust.

Abby & Bev

Certificate of Appreciation is hereby awarded to the Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre at Alexandra, with sincere thanks for a remarkable effort in supporting Emakhandeni students during their workplace training in 2012.

Principal, Emakhandeni