About Us

Alexandra Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre is a non-profit organisation

We provide care and love for the chronic and terminally ill patients in Alexandra and many other areas around Gauteng.

Our History

Our organisation officially started operating in 2003.  Admissions, thorough planning and other preparations started in August 2001.

The hospice was founded in response to a need in the Alexandra community for the provision of care for those infected and ravaged by HIV/AIDS.  In most cases families are working and children do not know how to help their loved ones.

Previously, their loved ones were taken to hospices far from Alexandra and that made it impossible for their family members to visit due to financial constraints caused by high unemployment rates.

Through the assistance of the ARP (Alexandra Renewal Projects), we were relocated to an old school that we are currently operating from because we could not afford the high rent requested by the property in Kew.

Our Existence

We fully depend on donations from good Samaritans around Gauteng.  Schools, Churches, Companies and individuals.  Once a month we sell second-hand clothing to help fund-raise.  Despite the hardships, we shall continue to serve the community by offering Primary Health Care.

  • What is a hospice?
    In simple terms, this is a special idea in care-giving formatted to provide comfort and support for patients and their families when a terminal illness limits their lives.
  • What is a rehabilitation?
    Rehabilitation refers to any process that seeks to restore a patient to a previous level of health.  Our approach is holistic and comprehensive in our dealings with patients who have experienced any form of impairment resulting from a terminal disease process.

Our Mission

To provide a pallative care to all chronic and terminally ill patients in Alexandra and surrounding areas.  The aim is to root out this stigma so that they regain the dignity that they deserve.

Our Vision

To care and love both the infected and affected so that when they pass on, they leave peacefully and stress free.  If a cure for AIDS is inverted, we will care for the chronic clients and convert part of the centre into a skills development centre for the Youth and Community of Alexandra.

Services Provided

Caring for the terminally ill patients
To increase HIV/AIDS awareness
Emotional and social support through crises
Promote nutritional programmes for the underprivileged
Food parcels to patients whose condition have stabilised and are discharged back to their homes