Get Involved

Support our monthly second-hand clothing sale either by purchasing goods or donating clothing you no longer need.

Donate or sponsor specific items

Contact our admin department to find out what specific things we need at the centre so that you may donate or sponsor something specific that we are in need of. Examples – internet connection at the centre for 6 months to a year, a working computer (not outdated broken computers that we cannot afford to fix), supply of disposable adult nappies for a month for one person.

Remember that donations do not have to be in monetary form; supplying specific items of things the hospice can use to function better and to provide better care can offer you piece of mind that your donations are being put to the best use possible.


Each year, Hospice and Rehab Centre in Alexandra holds numerous fund raising events. If you would like to know what’s on, contact our Fundraising Department or you can organise your own fundraising in support of our centre.

New Building

Since we have moved into the Alexandra township our intake has increased, it’s as if we are offering a new service to new clients. As a result, we cannot admit all the patients as we do not have enough space. As we need a proper structure with sufficient wards and different departments e.g. sluice, bathroom, proper kitchen e.t.c. to admit patients into the facility.

Most of the patients that are admitted are financially constrained due to the high unemployment rate, as a result they default on their medication because they do not have enough food and some of them die unnecessarily. These patients are bedridden and use disposable adult nappies. The staff has to utilise protective measures like disposable gloves and masks to prevent the spread of infection. The hospice monitors their medication and assures that the Doctors appointments from the various clinics and hospital are honoured.


The hospice needs a proper vehicle that has been modified to accommodate wheelchairs and a stretcher as we currently only have a bakkie which is used as an ambulance and other services for the hospice that is not conducive for the purposes that it is intended for.

The Carers that we currently employ are young intern nurses who are starting on their nursing careers and receive a small stipend for the service that they offer. Our organisation can only offer the interns the uniforms and skill development so that they can be employable and be presentable in their uniform. Those who qualify are included in the career path programme offered by the Department of Health.


We also need to supplement the stipend that we receive from the government so that we are in a position to retain the professional staff who are supervising the Carers.

Become a regular giver

From as little as ZAR 200 per month.

You can amend or cancel the donation at any time. As an example, a regular donation of ZAR200 means we would have enough funds to provide care for one patient for one day.