Some of the donations made in recent years

Below are some of the important donations that have been made to the Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre



Michael, store manager of Shoprite in Alexandra with some of the staff members and hospice volunteers. On this day they donated a cake and easter eggs for the patients. They contribute in kind monthly to the Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre.

Alex-Hospice-Shoprite AlexPlaza-Easter2012



The Leap School of Science and Maths in Limbro Park has formed a partnership with the hospice for the students to do community service at the Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre. The students clean, fundraise for the lunch or dinner that they will be serving to the patients, gardening, play mind stimulating games, read and provide entertainment by singing for all the patients. These activities are carried out once quarterly and gives much hope and determination to the patients to get better and return home to their families.

The whole idea is to raise a nation of caring citizens by making them aware of the realities of life (especially the impact of HIV/AIDS, a scourger which is ravaging the nation through ignorance), so that they live a positive life. They are also being groomed to become responsible future leaders who will give back to their communities.

Alex-Hospice-Youth-Development 2010
Leap School Limbro Park



The Development Bank of Southern Africa ‘DBSA’ donated this much needed bakkie which we use to run all the errands of the organisation.<br />Their football team raised ZAR50000. We bought a printer, copier and six mobile photos in order to provide better admin services for the centre.

Alex-Hospice-DBSA Donation 2008



Grundfos donated new hospital beds which were shipped from the UK in 2009. In 2012 they organised a Christmas lunch for the staff and patients.<br />The bed covers and cardiac tables were a donation from the ex-mayor of Johannesburg. Funds were raised from a golf tournament.

Alex-Hospice-Grundfos Donation 2012



The Hospice and Rehab Centre uses it to ferry patients to doctor’s appointments at the various clinics and hospitals around Johannesburg. It is much safer for the patients than being transported in the bakkie.  The organisation needs a customised Quantum vehicle to cater for wheel chairs and a stretcher.

Alex-Hospice-Mammoet Vehicle Donation 2012
Mammoet in Bramley View donated this combi in 2012.



Alex-Hospice-Community Cooking 2011
Above is a photo of some of our community members who come every Tuesday to cook lunch for the patients as a way of giving back to the community.



Members of the Rivers Foundation Church in Sandton came in big numbers to donate their time by painting the centre indoors and the outside of the building, planting flowers and trees, erecting a precast wall for privacy, bought and installed tiles in some of the wards, donated curtains for the wards, garden chairs and hosepipe.  Most of all the love and the feeling that we are not alone but we have brothers and sisters who support us and the work we do.

Alex-Hospice-RiversFoundation 2011-1
Members of the Rivers Foundation Church in Sandton


Members of the Rivers Foundation Church in Sandton - building plant boxes and planting flowers and trees in the centre's courtyard.
Members of the Rivers Foundation Church in Sandton – building plant boxes and planting flowers and trees in the centre’s courtyard.